Every day we consume 1 kg of food and drink 2L of water, but we inhale approximately 20 000L of air. People spend up to 90% of their time indoors, and they expect high air indoor comfort which is important for their well-being, productivity and even health. Our catalogue of solutions is well-founded in an understanding that humans must be able to rely on the indoor air comfort and critical air management when inside a building. Flexible and cost effective, our system offerings can be applied to a huge variety of building types and applications. WAGA is the partner for you to achieve your environmental and economic goals. We offer air conditioning services, spare parts, commissioning, monitoring services, repairs and consultancy. WAGA aim to be the leading strategic partner for smart energy efficient Indoor Air and Critical Air Solutions and be recognized by our customers as the technology leader providing highest quality standards for improved Air Comfort, safety and well being.