Whether you store, handle or process combustible materials, it is necessary to have all applicable data needed to assess risk at ambient, atmospheric and process conditions. The flammability properties of gas or vapor atmospheres are often affected by operating and processing conditions such as chemical properties, temperature, pressure, composition of the fuel gas or vapor mixture, concentration of inert gaseous components, concentration of gaseous oxidants, volume and material of construction of the test vessel. Deatak continues to meet industry demands worldwide as the USA's largest manufacturer of fire and flammability test instrumentation.

  • Manufactured with specified ½" marinite panels framed in stainless steel
  • Specimen holder & stopwatch included
  • Burner system, complete with automatic controls, which will: 
     a: Release a gas flow for 20 seconds 
     b: Activate a spark igniter and ignite the gas at the 20-second mark 
     c: Shut the system down completely after the 45-second flame application
  • One clamp-type Specimen Holder is included. This holder grips the material at the top and allows it to hang freely, in proper alignment with the face of the burner
  • 110 V 50/60Hz or 230 V 50Hz