Mass Calibration

Mass Calibration
What is the difference between Weight & Mass?
Weight is often taken to mean the same as mass, however, there is a difference, which for calibration purposes is important to note:
Mass is the measurement of the amount of material that makes up the object. Weight is the gravitational force acting on the object.
Why Calibrate?
Accuracy is key as weights are used to calibrate scales and other weighing equipment, an inaccurate weight, in turn, will have a knock-on effect and will produce inaccurate scale calibration. A calibrated set of weights allow the scale error of the balance to be assessed and corrected to the highest accuracy.

Calibration weights are available in a wide range of classes and specifically used for certain types of balances such as:

M1 calibration weights are used for testing and calibrating standard scales
F1 calibration weights are used for testing and calibrating precision electronic balances
E2 calibration weights are used for testing and calibrating analytical balances

How is it Calibrated?
Calibrating weights must be done with the greatest of care an precision, weights must not be:

Touched with bare hands
Handled with sharp or abrasive tools
Come into contact with contaminated or unclean surfaces
Slid or rolled across surfaces
Knocked over or into each other
Cleaned using non-recommended solvents or materials

These factors can all affect the integrity of the weight and result in inaccurate readings, therefore, appropriate care and tools must be used in the calibration process. WAGA ensure to handle your weights with care to assure accuracy at all times throughout calibration. There are multiple methods of weighing techniques in mass metrology and depending on the desired accuracy depends on which method is used, methods include:

Direct reading measurements
Weighing by differences
Substitution weighing
ABA calibration
ABBA calibration
Cyclic weighing
Weighing by sub-division

Types of Weight & Mass Equipment?
We offer calibration on the following weights and mass equipment:
Weight Set
Weights Set
Mass Set
Test Weight
Test Weights
OIML Weight
OIML Weights
Known Weights

At WAGA, we understand that time away from your equipment leads to lost productivity, particularly if your equipment is used day-to-day in your work. That’s why we aim to calibrate and return your equipment as quickly as possible.

We also offer a variety of flexible delivery options, including a pick-up and drop-off service, or you can send us your equipment directly.

Interested in getting your measurement and dimensional tools calibrated? Give us a call or use the contact form on this page to get in touch.