Textile Equipment Calibration

Textile Equipment Calibration
Why choose WAGA?
It is important to ensure that your Textile Testing Equipment are displaying accurate results and performing a calibration ensures that the readings taken by your device are accurate to a set standard. Our team are able to assess a large selection of Textile Testing equipment and make adjustments as necessary to revert the apparatus back to the standard measurement range. If calibration isn’t performed, general wear and tear can have an effect on the internal workings of the device, ultimately leading to incorrect readings every time the textile testing equipment is used.

WAGA Calibration services With Textile Factories having to place greater emphasis on quality, confidence in measurement is paramount. The experience of the highly qualified professional staff, along with a state-ofthe-art Laboratory enables WAGA Calibrations to meet customer’s requirements and conforming to the most exacting standards.

WAGA has updated their calibration lab to calibrate much of the equipment used by personnel on Textile Factories. You'll have the confidence knowing that your equipment is giving you the right information or that maybe it's time to replace a tool that won't calibrate within tolerance. If you have equipment that needs calibration, just contact us and we'll get everything set up for you.

The latter is great for those with a large amount of equipment that would be inconvenient to ship; instead, our technicians will come to you and perform comprehensive on-site calibration of your torque equipment.

In terms of repair, we can get torque equipment repaired directly by manufacturers and can also repair selected torque equipment in-house.

An indication of equipment that Textile Factories calibrate:
  • Wascator Washing Machine
  • Durawash PLUS Print Durability Tester
  • Washtec Colour Fastness Tester
  • Opti-Dry Reference Tumble Dryer for ISO method
  • Crockmeter is used to determine colourfastness to ‘Crocking
  • Perspirometer for use in the determination of colourfastness
  • Opti-Burst For detecting and measuring the bursting value, distension and fatigue of textile samples
  • The Opti-Spray Spray Rating Tester
  • Gas Fume Fading Tester to determine the colourfastness of textiles
  • Contact Heat - Sublimation Tester
  • ZIP Tester
  • Martindale for determining the wear and abrasion resistance of many different types of textiles
  • Random Tumble Pilling Tester Used to determine the pilling and fuzzing characteristics of textile fabrics
  • M&S Pilling Tester
  • ICI Pilling Tester
  • ICI Mace Snag Tester
  • GSM Cutter
  • Opti-Snap - Button Snap Tester
  • Trapezooidal Yarn Examination Board
  • Yarn Twisting Tester
  • Wrap Reel
  • Bean Bag Snag Tester
  • Universal Wear Tester